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Understand the Shia Game Plan..

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So you have a shia friend and he/she is asking you questions about the Islamic History. You freind will tell you that this and this happend in history and they will give you references to your own books like Bukhari, Muslim etc or they will ask you questions wanting you to explain why this event happend …. they will want you to discuss and explain events like

Like a Star @ heaven Ghadir Khumm
Like a Star @ heaven Burial of Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alayhe wasallam
Like a Star @ heaven Issue of Fadak
Like a Star @ heaven The Event of Pen and Paper
Like a Star @ heaven The Event of the Saqifa
Like a Star @ heaven The hadith of the cloak
Like a Star @ heaven Attack ont he door of Fatima radiallahu anhuma
Like a Star @ heaven Fatima’s anger with Abu Bakar radiallhu anhum
Like a Star @ heaven The Battle of Siffin and Battle of Jamal
Like a Star @ heaven Tragedy of Karbala
Like a Star @ heaven Attitude of Muawiyah and Yazid
etc etc….

SO WHATS THE CATCH?? By discussing these events they will thus try to prove to you that the companions of Prophet Muhammad sallalahu alayhe wasallam were not loyal to him(naazuzobillah), that Ali (r) was the most virtueous and had many distinctions while other sahaba has no distinctions and thus he was the chosen Caliph and the he and his family ‘ the ahle bait’ were persecuted by the other companions and THUS the sunnia Islam is wrong and Shia Islam is the truth! and lo and behold you will stupidly convert to Shiasm!!

TIME UP! OPEN YOUR EYES!!! The basis of any religion is its belief system – the Aqaidh and not events of history. The events and issues mentioned above all have logical explanations and most of all the history presented to you by the Shia is highly distorted. You will find the Truth in non shia books of history …however, the point is that these issues are ir-relevent and leads to nothing but endless debates.

However, a sunni contemplating on converting to shism must have a look at the belief system of the shia. Their books their hadith books and their belief system when studied reveal that Shiaism is just a polytheistic religion which is all about worshipping the 12 imams and is highly deviated from the basic beliefs of the religion of Islam. The most important aspect of Islam – TAWHEED – Oneness of Allah has been attacked by the shias and compromised. The Belief system of Shias is discussed in the section ~Shia Beliefs~ Many things negating the shia beliefs are found in the book “Nahjul Balagha” a book containing the sermons of Ali radiallahu anhuma. The source of this book is unknown and its authenticity is questionable so just like the Bible it contain sermons of Ali, some of which appear to be fabricated and some appear to be the real words of Ali as they are aggreable to Quran and Sunnah. Thus a great deal of disparity and contradiction is found in this book which will also be discussed Inshallah in the discussion sections. It is hoped that this forum will lead you to explore the Shia religion further and realize the shirk and deviation of this religion disguised as Islam.

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