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Nahjul Balagha proves some realities against shia faith..

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Nahjul Balagha Proves Ali ra Was Not Divinely Appointed..

The central tenet of Shi'ism is that Ali ra was divinely appointed by Allah to be the first Infallible Imam after Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). And yet, we will here provide proof from the Nahjul Balagha that this is a lie. The Nahjul Balagha is the famous Shia collection of Ali ra's sermons and letters. This is a saying of Ali ra when the people came to elect him as Caliph after murder of Uthman ra:

Nahjul Balagha, SERMON 91:
When people decided to Swear allegiance at Amir al-mu'minin's hand after the murder of Uthman, Ali said:
"Leave me and seek someone else. We are facing a matter which has (several) faces and colors, which neither hearts can stand nor intelligence can accept. Clouds are hovering over the sky, and faces are not discernible. You should know that if I respond to you, I would lead you as I know and would not care about whatever [anyone else] may say. If you leave me, then I am the same as you are. It is possible I would listen to and obey whosoever you make in charge of your affairs. I am better for you as a counsellor than as chief."


So how can the Shia claim that Ali ra was divinely appointed by Allah? If that was the case, why did Ali ra first refuse to be Caliph when his people tried to nominate him? It's right there in the sacred collection of Ali's sermons. Would Ali ra refuse the task if it was something that was DEMANDED by Allah? This would be declaring Ali ra a Faasiq (rebel against Allah)(nauzubillah) for shirking his duty to be Caliph. Surely, the Shia should be ashamed of themselves for flouting all logical sense.

This proves without a doubt that Ali ra was NOT divinely appointed, and by extension, it destroys the entire Shia concept of divinely appointed Imams, thereby toppling the very foundation of the Shia faith.

Imam says:

If you leave me, then I am the same as you are
Imam ready to submit to elected authority

It is possible I would listen to and obey whosoever you make in charge of your affairs.
So where is devine designation?

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Nahjul Balagha Proves Ali ra consider Muawiyah ra as muslim like himself..

Ali Radhi Allaahu 'anhu also confirmed that he and Muawiyah Radhi Allaahu 'anhu were on the same deen this is proven even from the Shia sources. Al-Shareef Al-Ridi narrated in Nahjul Balagha a speech delivered by Ali where Ali Radhi Allaahu 'anhu says:

"In the beginning of our matter, the people of Sham and us met. It is obvious that our God is one, our Prophet is one, and our call in Islam is one. We do not see ourselves more in faith in Allah or more in believing His messenger than them, nor they do. Our matter is one, except for our disagreement in Uthman’s blood, and we are innocent from his murder."
[Nahjul Balagha, vol.3, p.648]

And Muawiyah Radhi Allaahu Ta'ala 'anh said:

"Ali is better and more virtuous than me and I differ from him only in the matter of qisaas of Uthmaan (Radhi Allaahu Ta'ala 'anh) and if he takes the qisaas of the blood of uthmaan I will be the first of the people of syria to make bayah to him"
[al-Bidayatu wan Nihaayah page 129,259 vol 7]

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Nahjul Balagha Proves Ali ra consider khalifat of Abu Bakr ra, Umar ra & Usman ra was approved by ALLAH..

Ali ra said:
Verily, those who took the oath of allegiance to Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman have sworn allegiance to me. Now those who were present at the election have no right to go back against their oaths of allegiance and those who were not present on the occasion have no right to oppose me. And so far as Shura (selection) was concerned it was supposed to be limited to Muhajirs and Ansars and it was also supposed that whomsoever they selected, became caliph as per approval and pleasure of Allah.
If somebody goes against such decision, then he should be persuaded to adopt the course followed by others, and if he refuses to fall in line with others, then war is the only course left open to be adopted against him and as he has refused to follow the course followed by the Muslims, Allah will let him wander in the wilderness of his ignorance and schism.
O Mu'awiya! I am sure that if you give up self-aggrandizement and self-interest, if you forsake the idea of being alive only to personal profits and pleasures, if you cease to be actuated solely by selfishness and if you ponder over the incident leading to the murder of Uthman, you will realize that I cannot at all be held responsible for the affair and I am the least concerned with the episode.
But it is a different thing that you create all these false rumours and carry on this heinous propaganda to gain your ulterior motives. Well you may do whatever you like.
[Nahjul Balagha, letter 6]

Like a Star @ heaven Note: (Note that in the Shia websites like, certain words have been inserted in the translation -like the word “suppose” – without putting them in the brackets in an attempt to change the meaning of the text.)

Now lets see what arabic real text quotes:

إنه بايعني القوم الذين بايعوا أبا بكر وعمر وعثمان ، على ما بايعوهم عليه ، فلم يكن للشاهد أن يختار ولا للغائب أن يرد ، وإنما الشورى للمهاجرين والأنصار ، فإن اجتمعوا على رجل وسموه إماماً كان ذلك لله رضى فإن خرج منهم خارج بطعن أو بدعة ردوه إلى ماخرج منه فإن أبى قاتلوه على اتباعه غير سبيل المؤمنين ، وولاه الله ما تولى

Translation: Verily, the people who payed allegience to Abu Bakr, Umar and Uthman, have payed allegience to me based on the same principles as the allegience to them. So anyone who was present has no right to go against his pledge of allegience, and anyone who was absent has no right to oppose it. And verily shura (consultation) is only the right of the Muhajirs and the Ansar. So if they decide upon a man and declare him their imam, then it is with the pleasure of Allah. If anyone goes against this decision, then he must be persuaded to follow the rest of the people. If he persists, then fight with him for leaving that which has been accepted by the believers. And Allah shall let him wander misguided and not guide him.

& unfortunately i didnot found any word suppose or equivalent to it..!! Thinking

Now it’s up to the Shia brothers and sisters whether they want to attribute Taqyah or lie or politics or what ever to their Imam and whether they like to justify his comment in the same way that they justify verses of Quran.
(also please bear in your mind that we have an explicit verse in Quran that says “va amrohom shoora baynahom”, (and their affairs are done by consultancy between them). Surely the question of leadership is one of the affairs of Muslims. However I won’t use this verse to prove anything about Khilaafath in Islam. Unlike the Shia brothers and sisters, I am quite cautious about playing Lego with the verses of Quran)

& here are wordings of Ayatolla Muhammad Husayn Tabatabai (with scan)..

Describing situation when first caliph was elected, Ayatolla Muhammad Husayn Tabatabai, said:
«This group (the one who chosed Abu Bakr) which was later to form the majority, set forth in great haste to select caliph for the Muslims with the aim of ensuring the welfare of the community and solving its immediate problems».

Source: «A series of islam and shia» p 56, 1-st edition, printed by Ansariyan in 2005.

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The interesting part in this quote is a fact, that this ayatolla admitted the aim of Muslims which chose Abu Bakr. They aim wasn't taking ruling from ahlel-bayt, or make oppression. Aim was ensuring the welfare of the community.

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First of all, historically Shia's & Sunni's have been bashing each other's faith for several years. If you are one of them who is posting just for mischief or to prove someone is wrong through arrogance, please don't bother to read.

Now coming to the point.. Imam Ali rejected the Caliphate which was based on Politics, deviation from sunnah and was used as a platform for people who were using to make provisions for this world forgetting about the hereafter. Even when he was on the Shura Committee he was told that he should abide by the rules of the previous Caliphs but he rejected. He said I will only follow Allah and His Messenger.

People unjustly fought with him in the Battle of Jamal for the same "political" reasons. Talah, Zubair, Ummul Momeieen Aiysha...on side, and Imam Ali and Muhammad bin Abi Bakar on the other. How do you justify this? One side has to be on the correct no matter who use chose.

When the Prophet declared "Manqutum Maula fa haza Ali un Mawala" in Ghaddeer khum, you guys came up with different meanings of Maula saying just a friend nothing much. Think about front of the crowds of several thousands of people gathered...the Prophet stops them to say..Ali is just a friend. There are several other quotes in history that can be proved which doesn't make sense. It is beyond the scope of this message to write everything. Dodn't come to conclusions on anything until you scrutinize it. Allah is all merciful..but if bash someone without proper knowledge Allah will definitely hold you accountable if you are wrong.

Ready about Marwan bin Hakam in Bukhari or anywhere - The Prophet had exiled him in his lifetime for ever. He is later on not only brought in but given ministerial position by the third Caliph.

Hope Allah guides everyone...first me if I am wrong and you or anyone who reads this.

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