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Sufi Tahir-ul-Qadri.. Not more than a fool..

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1Sufi Tahir-ul-Qadri.. Not more than a fool.. Empty Sufi Tahir-ul-Qadri.. Not more than a fool.. on Fri Feb 05, 2010 12:06 am



(a) Tahir al Qadri is unable to read or he is a liar. When Tahir al Qadri picked up his copy of Saheeh al-adab al-mufrad, he claims he thought he was picking up nothing more than a copy of al-adab al-mufrad, that he did not see the title on the book or the name of the editor (Sheykh al Albani (rah)).

This claim is particularly troubling because Mr. Qadri narrates that one day, he sat down and opened Saheeh al-adab al-mufrad (still not knowing that it was a different book) and he attempted to look for the section on "kissing feet" and it wasn't there. He says that he than went over to his own previously owned copy and it was. Why would Mr. Qadri purchase a new copy of a book of a book which he thinks he has an exact same copy of on his other bookshelf? Why would Mr. Qadri put his two copies of al-adab al-mufrad on opposite sides of the room on opposite bookshelves if he thought they were the same book. Why (if he bought it as a gift or something) would he be reading it even than. And lastly, how does Mr. Qadri misread and know incorrect information about this book throughout the entire narrative (from when he was in the 'Arab country all the way till he got back home)?

Mr. Qadri also fails to add that right next to such copies is the second volume of this book, the one in which Imaam records the da'eef narrations as well.

It seems like Mr. Qadri simply picked up this book for no other purpose but to give a simple audience a simple laugh, or because he intended to rely on it until he lost the ability by it to have his chamche kiss his feet...

(b) Mr. Qadri says that Imaam Bukhari (rah) accepted the authenticity of this collection, and that Imaam Bukhari (rah) would cry now that it's been criticized and that Imaam Bukhari. Imaam Bukhari never says any of this.

(c ) Mr. Qadri accepts the entirity of al-adab al Mufrad as saheeh. None of the Muslim scholars do, actually, many of them wrote in their shurooh and their takhreej about weakness of several of it's narrations. Imaam Bukhari (rah) even included in it versions of narrations when he kept the authentic versions in his saheeh!

(d) Mr. Qadri says that the reason Imaam al-Albani removed some of the narrations in his version was because they contradict al-Albani's aqeedah. This is an open lie. The narrations which were removed were removed on account of their weak chains:

(e) Mr. Qadri considers the writing of a book of corrections as itself a blasphemy. This is a lie, many scholars of the past did it. Imaam ad-Dhababi (rah) removed numerous riwayat of Mustadrak in his recension (quickest example).

(f) Mr. Qadri accuses al-Albani (rah) of attributing shirk to Imaam Bukhari (rah) by writing this book. This is less than a lie, it's just stupidity.

And they weren't removed, they're present in da'eef book. Further, not one of those has to do with aqeedah but with fiqh and several of the removed versions agree with fiqh positions of al-Albani and Salafiya...

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