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Shia exposed from Shia Books, Image & scans., Must view thread for all members & visitors

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Allah (swt]) visit Hz.Fatima(ra) to bless Hz.Hissein(ra)

It reads:
"My father narrated to me, from Sa'd b. Abdullah, from Muhammad b. Issa from Muhammad b. Sinaan, from Abu Sa'eed al-Qammaat, from Ibn Abi Ya'foor, from Abu Abdullah [as] saying:

While the Messenger of Allah was in the quarter of Fatimah and al-Hussain on his lap, he cried and fell down to prostration. He then said: O Fatimah daughter of Muhammad, the Most Exalted High, appeared to me in this house of yours, in this very hour, in the best form and finest shape, and said to me: O Muhammad, do you like al-Hussain? Upon which I said:

O Lord, (he is) the comfort of my eye, my garden and the fruit of my heart, and the skin above my eye (eye lid).

He then said to me: O Muhammad, and He placed His Hand on the head of al-Hussain [as]: Blessed he is, upon him is my blessings, prayers, mercy and pleasure, and may my resentment, curse, anger, affliction, disgrace and torture be on (him) who kills him, holds an enmity for him, stands against him, and agress him. Lo he is the Master of martyrs of the formers and laters, in this life and the hereafter, and he is the Master of "ALL" the youth in paradise collectively. Yet his father is better than him. Relay to him my greeting, and give him the glad tiding that he shall be the banner of guidance, and a lighthouse for my friends (awilyaa'), the keeper and a witness over my creation, the holder of my knowledge and my evidence (Hujjah) over the inhabitants of heavens and earths and over the Jinn and humans"

Shia claim Allah (swt) has hand like humans and visited the house of Ali[maazallah]

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Masjid of Ali is Better than Masjid Al-Haram

Ayatoolah Sistani gives Fatwa that Salat in Masjid of Ali is better than Salat in Masjib al-Haram (Ka'ba) (Minhaj Al-Salaheen, Fatwa # 562)

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Allah Will Throw Mecca with Ka'ba in Hell Fire

It was narrated on authority of Muhammad bin Jaffar Al-Razaz, on behalf on Muhammad Bin Hassan.....(very long chain of narrators)...The Land of Mecca said: "Who is like me and Allah had made His House on my Back, all men come to me from every deep and distant (wide) mountain highway? And I have been made Sacred (or Holy) and peaceful land So Allah revealed to her saying Stop that and stay (like that), the Sacredness which I gave to you compared to the land of karbala is dip in Ocean. And if it was not for Karbala I would have never made you sacred. And if it was not karbala I would have never created you, and even that which you are showing arrogance with. So Stay quite, and humble yourself (in front of karbala) in humility...(insult continues)...(then)...and if you (Mecca) don't do that then I shall destroy you and throw you in Hell Fire

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"The Islamic and non-Islamic powers of the world will not admit our power till such time that we establish our hold over Makkah and Madinah because these are the centers and citadels of Islam. Hence our domination over these places Is an essential requirement ... when as a conqueror I will enter Makkah and Madinah, the first thing to be done at that time by me would be to dig out two idols (Abu Bakr and Umar) lying by the side of the Prophet's grave."
(Ayatullah Khomeini of Iran, while addressing a message for a youth rally).
Khomeinism and Islam,
page# 8 by Abu Rehan Farooqi

Then we saw the Body of Khominee trampled over and Dragged through the streets by his own followers:

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