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Brother al-Hajjaj on shia ahadeth..

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1Brother al-Hajjaj on shia ahadeth.. Empty Brother al-Hajjaj on shia ahadeth.. on Mon Feb 15, 2010 9:06 pm


As their Grand Ayat. Barojardi said: ’searching for a Sahih narration throughout the books of the (3) Muhammads, is like searching for a white hair in the body of a black bull ‘. It is indeed rare to find an authentic narration based on the criteria they have setforth for themselves, viz-a-viz the narration must be reported by:

- A Punctual (Dhaabit) Upright (Adl) Imami (12er), from
- A Punctual (Dhaabit) Upright (Adl) Imami (12er), from
- A Punctual (Dhaabit) Upright (Adl) Imami (12er), from …..
down to the inafallible.

99.9% of their Isnaad cannot meet the criteria they have laid down. Naturally we have no problem with such a demand. In fact they have borrowed this “condition” from us, and with it, they have just shot themselves in the foot.

The Kulainy’s phrase (From some of our associates) is not a problem free. al-Kho’ei has noted that one of those in the list, has no mention whatsoever in the chains throughout the 8 volumes. Nevertheless, the problem does not lie here, rather when the phrase (from some of our/his associates) is in the middle of the chain. Or, you may find and isnaad with something like this:

- From a man: عن رجل
- From someone he mentioned عمن ذكره
- From someone who narrated to him عمن حدثه
- From some of his associtaes عن بعض أصحابه
- From a group of our associates جماعة من أصحابنا
- From some of our associates, he [as] said عدة من أصحابنا
- From some of his men said, he [as] said عن بعض رجاله
- From someone who attributed عن بعض من رفعه
- From someone who narrated عمن رواه
- From somone who is a trustworthy عمن حدثه ممن يوثق به
- From an A** (Ufayr) from his father from his forefathers back to the A** who was on Noah’s Ark !!!!!!!!!

In short, their Hadith system is a joke, but the Ayats must fool the stupids with something or they would lose them. On the other hand, the common Shi’ites volunterily assumed the role of an A** to be manipulated by the ayat. There’s nothing you can do for an A**, cuz he’s an A** - period.

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